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Guild Wars 2 Festival of the Four Winds achievement guide

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Guild Wars 2 Festival of the Four Winds achievement guide with instructions on getting the various achievements within the May 20 patch.

Meta & Rewards

Unlike the previous living world meta achievements, there are no daily achievements that counts towards the meta. That being said, you are being given 23 achievements and only need to complete 14 to finish the meta.

Festival of the Four Winds – 25 pts

  • Complete 14 achievements. The quickest ones are Boss Blitz achievements, Gauntlet achievements, Crate Consumer, Aspect Arena and Sanctum Sprint achievements.
  • Completing this meta give you 1 Favor of the Festival and 1600 Festival Tokens


  • You can purchase previous living world rewards by visiting the Festival Rewards Vendor by the Bazaar Docks Waypoint in Labyrinthine Cliffs.
  • Two new items (Mini Panda and Endless Dolyak Calf Tonic) can be purchased as well with Favor of the Festival and Festival Tokens
  • Rewards are all account bound on acquire
  • The Zephyr Sanctum Supply Boxes you purchase from the traders at the entrance of Labyrinthine Cliffs have a chance to drop rare returning rewards from season one such as air-filtration device or catcher backpack skins.
  • Doing Gauntlet bosses will drop Gauntlet chances for each boss killed. These have a chance to drop another set of rare rewards, including the Monocle and Chaos of Lyssa backpiece recipe.

Farming Festival Tokens

  • Do Queen’s Gauntlet daily as there is a daily bonus chest for each different boss you defeat.
    • Tier 1 bosses – 14 tokens each
    • Tier 2 bosses – 21 tokens each
    • Tier 3 bosses – 28 tokens each
    • 14 x 4 + 21 x 4 + 28 x4 = 252 tokens/day or just 231 tokens/day if you don’t feel like doing Liadri daily.
  • Labyrinthine Cliffs events are good as you can get gold reward easily (43 tokens) but they are not frequent
  • Boss Blitz meta events in Crown Pavilion can give you gw2 gold if you get gold reward but only 18 tokens if you get bronze.
  • Aspect Arena
    • 13 tokens for loss
    • 21 tokens for win
  • Sanctum Sprint
    • 10-20 tokens depending on your placement

Story Instance

  • There is a story instance that will introduce you to the story for this living world update. The entrance to it is right next to the Claw Island Portage waypoint in Lion’s Arch
  • Doing this story instance rewards you with the achievement Welcoming Party (1 pt)

Crown Pavilion Achievements

If you never done the Crown Pavilion before, you can access it by waypoint to Divinity’s Reach and then waypointing to Crown Pavilion Waypoint (it will appear contested so you can’t port to it directly from outside Divinity’s Reach). Go through the silvery entrance to enter Crown Pavilion, which is a separate map.

Boss Blitz Achievements

Boss Blitz is something new introduced this year. You will need to donate to Heal-O-Tron in the center of the Crown Pavilion to start it. Once enough funds have been added (watch the event progress bar), Boss Blitz will start and six bosses will spawn in Crown Pavilion.

Each six quadrants of the pavilion contains a boss that needs 5+ players to kill. It is best to split everyone into 3 and not zerg on one boss at a time as doing so will scale up the bosses and make them harder. For each boss you wkll, they will transfer one of their unique ability to the remaining bosses, making them harder.

If your Crown Pavilion instance is organized, there is a good way to get at least silver reward by splitting the instance into 3 groups.

  • Group 1: Kill Sparcus then Kuraii.
  • Group 2: Kill Pyroxis then Wiggin.
  • Group 3: Kill Baines then Shurakk.

This gives each group 15 minutes to kill two bosses which is very doable as long as there are 15-20 per group and not a zerg of 30+.

The following achievements are part of Boss Blitz.

Boss Bliz – 7 pts

  • Participate in the Boss-Bliz Meta even 10 times. For the Boss-Blitz meta event to complete, all six bosses have to be killed. This achievement will take you a few hours to complete.

Boss Blitz: Wallop Wiggin – 1 pt

  • Kill Wiggin the Wicked in the west quadrant.

Boss Blitz: Slay Shurakk – 1 pt

  • Kill Sjurakk the Savage in the SE quadrant

Boss Blitz: Slaughter Sparcus – 1 pt

  • Kill Sparcus Firesplash in the NE quadrant

Boss Blitz: Put Out Pyroxis – 1 pt

  • Kill Pyroxis in the SW quadrant

Boss Blitz: Kill Kurali – 1 pt

  • Kill Kurali the Cruel in the NW quadrant

Boss Blitz: Beat Boom-Boom – 1 pt

  • Kill Boom-Boom Baines in the east quadrant

Kill X Mob achievements

In addition to killing the bosses, there are also achievements for killing 50 of the each type of mobs that inhabit Crown Pavilion.

Destroyer Destroyer – 3 pts

  • Kill 50 destroyers in the SW quadrant

Pirate Purger – 3 pts

  • Kill 50 Pirates in the west quadrant

Flame Legion Finisher – 3 pts

  • Kill 50 Flame Legion mobs in the NE quadrant

Bandits’ Bane – 3 pts

  • Kill 50 bandits in the west quadrant

Ogre Obliterator – 3 pts

  • Kill 50 ogres in the SE quadrant

Centaur Culler – 3 pts

  • Kill 50 centaurs in the NW quadrant

Gauntlet Achievements

Queen’s Gauntlet can be access in the upper section of Crown Pavilion. Go up the ramp to access it. Speak to the fight master to pick a fight, ringmaster to enter the ring, and master of gambits to put down a gambit.

There are 12 bosses in total and you can see the strategy for each fight in this guide.

While the two achievements in this section can be completed by just killing the same boss over and over (doesn’t have to be different bosses), it is ideal to kill as many different bosses as possible as you get adaily bonus chest of Festival Tokens for each different boss you kill.

  • Tier 1 bosses – 14 tokens
  • Tier 2 bosses – 21 tokens
  • Tier 3 bosses – 28 tokens

Gauntlet Contender – 5 pts

  • Defeat 12 Queen’s Gauntlet Bosses – they can be the same bosses

Gauntlet Favourite – 4 pts

  • Defeat 12 Queen’s Gauntlet Bosses with at least gambit – they can be the same bosses.
  • If you have a high DPS build, you can try On Fire Gambit as you will likely outheal the damage and kill the boss before the fire does any serious damage.

Labyrinthine Cliffs Achievements

Labyrinthine Cliffs or Zephyr Sanctum, can be accessed in talking to the transport facilitator in Lion’s Arch.

 Sky Crystal and General achievements

There are two zone wide events that occurs about every 20 minutes or so. You can see a timer to the next event on your right hand side of your UI. The two events are either crystal collecting or dolyak race, both which are fairly easy to complete and easy to get the gold reward.

 Flying Dolyak Race

The Flying Dolyak race starts near the Sun Adept by Trader Owen. You will need to talk to him to get transformed and use your #4 ability to detect traps along the way. The end of the race is at the very top before the bridge to the Zephyr Sanctum ship.

 Crystal Collection

For the crystal collection event, you can find Charged Crystals in various place in the zone. Once you touched a Charged Crystal, you will get a buff that will increase your movement speed and need to return to the upper levels of the zone to return the crystal.

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