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Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide – Human

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In Guild Wars 2, the Human race is a dying breed as they have lost their homeland, their security and their past power. They are a confused race as even their gods have abandoned them.

Because of this, if you chose to be a Human, you will spend time beseeching one of the six gods for help – Dwayna is for self-healing; Kormir is for removal of three conditions; Lyssa is for a random bonus to you; Melandru is for transformation into an Avatar; Grenth is for transformation into a Reaper; and Balthazar is for granting you the aid of his Hounds for a short while.

Level 1 – Level 5:

Within the Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide, you will find yourself starting in Queensdale if you’re a Human. This area is direct and straightforward as the Renown Hearts are in a consecutive pattern so you won’t have any trouble in finding your way.

Once you’ve already activated Shaemoor Waypoint and Field Waypoint, you will find that you have now achieved level two. To get to level three, you need to help Farmer Diah water the corn, stomp on wurm mounds, feed the cattle and defend the fields.

To finish this Renown Heart task quickly, you should just focus on (1) stomping on Wurm mounds so that you can continuously kill them during the quest and on (2) feeding the cattle with scattered food near the farm fences.

To get to level four, you will encounter two significant Renown Heart tasks: help Fisherman Travis and Fisherman Justin and help Foreman Flannum.When you help Fisherman Travis and Fisherman Justin reduce the threats at the river, you will have new skills to undergo underwater combat. Don’t be afraid of drowning.

As for helping Foreman Flannum clear rockslides and plug leaks, focus on plugging the leaks and on killing Earth Elementals that you may encounter.To get to level five, you will come across the task to help Farmer Eda with her orchard’s spider infestation. Focus on finding Spider Eggs and on squishing those Spider Eggs so that Spiders will emerge.Kill those Spiders as well. Repeat the same process over and over for you to finish this task easily.

Level 6 – Level 10:

Once you’re in level five, you then need to get to level six by helping Cassie around the Moa Ranch as you search the bushes for lost moas which can produce either a moa or a bandit that you need to kill. You can also choose to help Cassie by entering the cave and start killing the bandits and destroying their supplies there – you can choose either option.

To fast-track to level seven, focus on the task of assisting the Seraph at Shaemoor Garisson fight centaurs and protect the farmlands. Put your energy into killing any centaur that might come your way.Also be wary of any Dynamic Event that might occur since you can complete this task faster if you get a hold of every Dynamic Event.To get to level eight, help Lexi Price protect the trade route by killing vermin and cleaning up the trading post. However, the best way to complete this task is to simply stay in town and clean up the trading post!Get to level nine by training with the Militia. Train with Sergeant Sato for the rifles as it is the easiest one. Just shoot at the same time as the other trainees – keep on pressing 1 and then just release it when you’re told to shoot.

Achieve level ten by assisting Hunter Block at the Hunting Lodge. Help the hunters there fix their traps, kill boars and keep them away from danger by keeping an eye on them while they’re hunting.

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