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Fastest way to level up in Guild Wars 2

EotM gives ~4-6 levels depending on the skill of the Commander, the amount of zergs you wipe, or wipe you and the amount of Arrowcarts the opponent throws around. It’s a solid way of leveling (especially if you’re on a Green server from what I’ve heard) due to the sheer experience gained, but also the amount of Karma, Badges and Championbags thrown around, each helping your toon once they hit level 80 (badges can be used for your first set of exotics for a relatively cheap price, Champion bags offer plenty of Scrolls of skillpoint for triats and utilities.)

Definitly get the Waypoints to important places. You might not get any gold for it, but you’ll get experience for it whilst it’s still valuable to you and a lot aswell. Later-on it’s only a nice bonus having the map open for you. Ofcourse it depends on what your toon is going to do, my WvW-only toons haven’t got more than 4 Waypoints on the non-WvW maps each, 1 in Queensdale and 3 in Divinity.

Do some map compleation, when that is booring you play some PvP, when you get tired of that you play some WvW, then you can join your guild when they wanna do a dungeon (Very good way to level), help a friend or guild mate and yourself with more map compleation(Loot/Keys/money and levels), craft a while now and then with your mats you have got from exploring the world, do worldbosses, have a birthday with your level 80 char and you will get a level up to level 20 scroll and repeat all this and I think you can find more to do.

Why did I say this? Well becouse there is so much more to this game than just level up to level 80 and getting full ascended/legendary gear. The leveling process in this game is in my opinion a tutorial to learn how to play your new class.


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Guild Wars 2: How to play your class in WvW

I leveled two characters with WvW only. It’s a good way to avoid the complete boredom of PvE leveling and the very high cost of craft leveling, and you can also learn quite a bit about how to play your class in WvW while doing it. Here are some common sense tips:

1. The fastest way is roaming the small stuff in a small groups constantly hitting sentries, yaks, camps, and the small PvE stuff like harpies and wurm. All out karma trains during the late week is also fairly fast but, more boring.

2. Buy new gear every 10 levels. Green full set of armor, full set of trinkets, weapons, and inexpensive gemstones to put on armor and sigils for weapons. Low level food / oil is also cheap and gives extra XP. This should cost no more than 1g total per set with instant buy, and it actually gives you a major advantage the first 3-4 levels with similar stats to an 80 with exotic. Don’t be an idiot upscale that gets instagibbed by anything. Avoid hammer trains, have defensive skills for periphery gankers.

3. Play an 80 that is appropriately geared for WvW when it’s somewhat serious fighting. You can’t always hump siege. Even if you follow the previous step, and are a good player that’s actually helping more with your upscale than most idiots in WvW, it really annoys commanders when they see so many upscales and are losing battles. Karma trains on the other hand, everyone knows those are basically farms for karma, champ bags, WXP, and XP and it doesn’t matter if you have a level 2 ranger or an 80 gold rank zerg warrior.