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Guild Wars 2 Conditions Guide

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There are a total of 11 Conditions in Guild Wars 2, each causing a negative effect against foes through the use of your skills or traits. Each Condition has a specific effect and duration. When Conditions are reapplied to a foe that already has it, they either stack in intensity (increasing their effect) or duration, while some have no change. Conditions gw2 gold won’t provide you with huge instant damage numbers but instead offer a flexible, attrition based play style that can cause serious misery to your opponents over a period of time.

Condition damage is directly affected by your Condition Damage attribute and gains no numerical benefit from Power or Precision. In basic terms, the more Condition Damage you have the more damage all your Conditions will deal. Behind each Condition there is a maths formulae that allows you to calculate how much damage each Condition will deal, when you have X amount of Condition Damage. However, I suspect for many this is a daunting prospect and so the easiest thing I would suggest is you aim for a total of 1200 to 1300 Condition Damage if you are undertaking a Condition focused build. These values will guarantee you are dealing the height of what is possible, without overstretching yourself (and thus compromising other attributes).

You can have less or more than this dependent on your build or play style but I found venturing over 1200 results in only minor differences in damage, for a lot more effort (At 1400 Condition Damage Bleeding dealing 113 damage instead of 110 at 1300 Condition Damage).

Unlike direct damage skills, Conditions bypass an opponent’s armour value meaning you attack just their health pool rather than having a portion of it mitigated. You should also be aware that Conditions can be removed which can significantly reduce your damage output if they are stripped from the person you are fighting, so be wary of your opponent!

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