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Guild Wars 2 Guide-Structured PvP

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Custom Arenas when purchased do not last forever. In fact they only last for 30 days at present before their timer runs out, at which point you’ll have to purchase more time by using the Custom Arena Time Tokens. There are two options for using these Tokens:

1. Open up your Custom Arena Panel by pressing the the crossed swords on the top of the user interface, before selecting the custom arena tab (see image below). Here you can then select “Add Time”. At this stage a menu will appear, providing you with an overview of how many tokens you own and how many you want to apply. Each token adds an additional 24 hours.

2. When inside a custom arena (any!) simply double click on your Token to apply 24 hours to that server. This is great for gifting time to servers you enjoy playing on, or making cheap gw2 gold easier for applying time to your own. Once you are satisfied with all your options, press “Save” where you will receive an in game mail confirming your server and its status.

Once your server is saved, you can play on it straight away by pressing the “Play” button in the Custom Arena Menu Options (as noted above) or alternatively, you can visit the structured PvP Browser NPC to see you server in all its glory. Custom arenas stand out from standard servers as they are highlighted in orange text. In addition and as with all custom arenas, you can hover your mouse over them to determine what their options are and what each symbol means. Lastly, should you wish to make any changes to your server options simply revisit your custom arena tab. All players playing on that server will be informed of the changes.

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