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Guild Wars 2 Keep Guide

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Keeps are an entirely different story compared to towers. Towers are far more common and easier to take than keeps, while keeps are massive sprawling fortresses that are designed to resist attacks. There are twelve towers and only three keeps in the eternal battlegrounds and four towers and three keeps in the borderlands. Keeps also have an inner wall that must be broken through, making it twice as difficult to siege.The same strategy for the keep applies, although the tactics are a bit different. You’ll want to clear any oil from the walls or use catapults to siege the door and mount a defense against reinforcements. However, if the keep is upgraded enough and has enough defenders, this might present some trouble.

Thankfully, keeps have multiple entrances (usually) and lots of walls. This makes sieging the outer walls rather easy. If there is a lot of defense, pull back and begin building trebuchets. Then start sieging the walls from a distance, forcing the defenders to either sally forth (rush out of the keep) or watch as their walls begin to crumble. You can also split your forces and begin assaulting different entrances / walls, causing the defenders to split their resources and efforts (although spiking one wall with all of your siege weapons can out damage repairs).Starvation is also critical. You do not want supplies making it into the keep. Taking nearby resource camps and stopping enemy caravans is critical to making sure the keep can fall. It may be easier to buy guild wars 2 gold: you deal damage by denying restoration. If you deny a healer from healing, in a typical MMOG, then you deal damage by preventing the health from ever existing. Same principle, if you stop supply then you stop the walls from regeneration, which in turn means you have to deal less damage to bust them down.

Once inside the outer walls, the inner walls will be a bit harder to take and the attackers face a small dilemma. The defenders will be stuck in the inner portion of the keep, the other world is sitting out there somewhere debating coming in and taking the keep behind you, and you have less space to move about. This presumes that the keep has an inner wall, some keeps do not, and therefore it just simply becomes a rush to the keep lord.Ultimately, what will need to happen is another gate / wall needs to come down and the world needs enough forces to finish off the remaining defenders and take out the keep lord (who is very powerful) before the other world shows up and finishes off a tired and battered force.

The same works in reverse, letting another world beat the walls down and moving in after them is a viable and fair tactic. The lesson here is scouting is critical – knowing where the enemy is vital. Smaller groups need to be out in the world communicating on troop movements, denying resources, and tapping control points.

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