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Guild Wars 2 Tradeskill Guides

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Tradeskills in Guild Wars 2 are, much like the rest of the game, entirely different than they are in other games. In Gw2 Tradeskills give you a ton of experience while you’re crafting them and also they provide you with some of the best possible gear in the game as well as the most useful consumables and other products. What I am trying to say is unlike a lot of other games Tradeskills actually make a difference in Gw2. Also since you can drop and pickup any Tradeskills where you left off previously you can pretty much have them all at once! (More information on this below)
Even if you’re not a Tradeskill type of person (I am not much either) it is still strongly recommended you pick up at least two of these to start and raise them up for some experience. It will take away from the grind and you’ll level so much faster. I made a youtube video on just how amazing crafting experience in Guild Wars 2 is.
Players can choose a profession by speaking with that profession’s master tradeskiller who can be found in any of the major towns of cheap gw2 gold. Approach the master tradeskiller and select the “Please teach me to be a .” Option to select a Tradeskill. Speaking to the profession master and learning the profession you will be able to make items via that profession through whatever tradeskill table belongs to it. For example, Artificer’s use Artificing Tables, Chef’s use a Cooking Station and an Armorsmith uses an Armorsmithing Station.

Lachaidh Master Chef

You will be able to drop and pick up any professions with all your recipes intact and at the same exact skill you dropped it at any time by visiting the master tradeskill trainer of whatever profession you would like to pick back up.

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