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Guild Wars 2 – Dungeons and End Game Content

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At maximum level there are a number of world events that are of a more elite status, they are more challenging than the regular events. Additionally, in Guild Wars 2 maximum level players can go back to any low level world event and they will be scaled down so that the content still poses a challenge. Granted, the player will have a lot more abilities and better armor than their first time round.

One type of end game content available to players is PVP (player vs player). There are two main types of PVP in Guild Wars 2, GvG (guild vs guild), and WvW (world vs world). GvG is the smaller scale PVP which involves five players from a guild working together to complete objectives against the other team, this is the more competitive type of PVP, it includes ratings and a ladder that you can try to climb with your team. WvW is more of a massive bloodbath involving hundreds of players from your world (in Guild Wars 2 the servers are called worlds) fighting against another world, there are objectives that can be completed by single players, and others that require a coordinated guild group to complete that will assist the fight in a more significant way.For hardcore players though, this isn’t enough. These types of players like to co-ordinate their groups and learn tactics. In traditional MMOs these players are provided with challenging raid content, guild wars 2 gold does not include raids, but it does include 5 player dungeons. Dungeons have two settings, story mode, and explorer mode. The first time you participate in a dungeon it will always be in story mode, you are accompanied by a NPC (non player character) which guides you through the area and explains some of the lore. Explorer mode is for the more advanced players, the encounters are significantly more difficult, and some additional areas are even unlocked. Players will be looking to use Guild Wars 2 dungeon guides in order to tackle the most challenging encounters in explorer mode.

As well as dungeons and PVP, maximum level players can also participate in mini games that are scattered throughout the game. We have only heard intricate details about one mini game at this time that involves transporting kegs of beer between locations, you are able to hit other players with the keg and even pour beer on the ground to make other players slip up, it certainly sounds like it could be a lot of fun.At the moment this is all we know about end game content cheap gw2 gold. At the moment it is hard to say if it is going to be enough content for the most hardcore of players, but casual players are definitely going to find that they have a lot of fun content to participate in.

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